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Stereophotographs recently highlighted by the community

DSCF3638 WCO Xmas
2103 river, falls, and canal
Best friend
Clarence Looking at Me.
Orthoceras novae zelandiae
Gentoo Penguin
Rhodo - Hollard Gardens
'Te Korero' Lake Brunner, circa 1906.
The Mad Hatter
The Dynamic Duo
Library Selfie
'Auckland from cathedral tower, looking east towards town hall, New Zealand’ 1910
The Bakery
After the 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera (1886)
Rotokanapanapa Hot Springs, circa 1880 - area of Pink and White Terraces (destroyed in 1886 eruption)
Cockpit 3
Cockpit 2
Wairoa Geyser Whakarewarewa (Rotorua)
Hong Kong 1997
No. 100
Spirit of Benovia
Miss Virginia
Virginia Ann
D-Day Doll
That's all Brother
Placid Lassie
Veg Market Nouméa DSCF1097
Yellow Flowers P1060186
DSCF3641 WCO Xmas
DSCF3640 WCO Xmas
DSCF3639 WCO Xmas
Aerial dam site
1984 full falls flow
1326 tubes
1324 forms for hydro
Aerial power station site
Coronet Peak skifield view
Queenstown ski trip July 2020, consecutive photos from the plane.
Auckland view - from Chelsea clifftop
Two Toed Sloth
Flamingos, Dallas Zoo
Cactus Garden - Magnolia Grove
Purple Rhodo - Hollard Gardens
Chandelier at Willowbrook Park
Feeding baby sparrow
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