Hyperstereo of clouds


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Hyperstereo of clouds

by JackDesBwa 2020-11-29 17:58

This photo was taken for November 2020 contest of 3dphoto.net forum "Clouds".

Date taken: 2020-11-04
Camera: LX15 timer synced
Alignment software: STMANI3
Post processing notes: Slight color & exposure harmonization between the views with Hugin + dust removal & contrast adjustment with TheGimp
Additional notes: This photo was taken during the test phase to evaluate my hyperstereo technique, and I hoped to take a better one later. Unfortunately, there was no other occasion to photograph clouds with nice 3D shape afterwards. The good synchronization is achieved with a timer started in sync in each camera with a duration long enough to walk to the second spot. In this photo, the base is around 100m, but the alignment was complex because the targeted cloud moved so much that the overlap area of the photos was rather small and with large toe-out.

-- 2020-11-04, LX15 timer synced

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LaurentD 2020-12-01 15:57

I have also tried to take stereo photos of clouds last summer in the Pyrenees with may pair of RX100 VI, two tripods, two receivers and one transmitter.
It was difficult because when I got nice clouds the peak where I was did not allow me to have a base larger than 20 meters.
Another day everything was perfect but one camera did not trigger!
I will try later.
I also plan to make 3D time lapses of clouds.


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