A series of images of the Pink and White Terraces that were once located near Rotorua New Zealand. The terraces were completely destroyed by the eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886. The Pink and the White Terrace springs were separated by 1.2km, on the shores of lake Rotomahana. A larger lake was formed after the eruption covering/destroying the terraces. We've cleaned up the original black and white photos and added colour to some of them. Some of these images are from stereoscopic originals and others have been converted to 3D. 3D conversion - Maxwell Pow, Colouring - Duncan Jones

Pink Terrace 1885
Pink Terraces, Charles Blomfield 1886
Pink Terrace
‘Rotomahana, Pink Terrace’
Pink Terrace
White Terraces, Charles Blomfield 1882
White Terraces circa 1885
White Terraces (Mount Tarawera in the background)
White Terraces
‘Rotomahana’ - White Terraces
‘White Terrace Hot Springs’ circa 1880
‘White Terrace’ circa 1880
‘Hot Water Cups, White Terrace’
‘White Terrace, hot springs’ 1882
White Terraces
‘Mud volcano Rotokanapanapa Hot Springs, circa 1880 - area of Pink and White Terraces (destroyed in 1886 eruption)’
‘Rotokanapanapa, Rotomahana, N.Z. 1882, - area of Pink and White Terraces (destroyed in 1886 eruption)’
The Terraces Hotel at Te Wairoa - Tarawera
Wairoa Hotel, Tarawera
Tarawera Eruption, Charles Blomfield
‘Wairoa after eruption June 10, 1886’
Wairoa after the eruption 1886
McRae’s Hotel at Te Wairoa after the eruption 1886
After the 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera (1886)