50 random pics renewed randomly

Hoary bat
Boss Hoss Trike
Blast Furnace By Night
Napoleon Heart
Port-en-Bessin-Huppain from the air
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Sleepy Kitty
White Milkweed
The Council Oak
Christmas Carriage
Old Waterworks
Placid Lassie
Water Lily
Air Park
Porch of the chapel in castle of Blois
Impending Doom.
Night Line Up
Race Car
Nature fun
Things You Shouldn't Do With This Head-Mounted 3D Camera
Green Heron
Untitled (quartzite, I think)
... it's snowing ...
Duffin Dagels?  Reminds me of another chain somewhere else
Mask And Gloves
Paris, Montmartre, Place du Tertre
Volcanic pool
Panama Canal "Mule" - New Generation
Panama Railroad
Brissac - both medial and renaissance
Noah´s Ark 03
The Boxer
... European pasqueflower ...
front of butterfly
Hessenpark 1
Český Krumlov - The Municipal Theatre
Ephesus Library
grande roue
No public events this year?
Far Disparity: 3.8%    Near: -0.8%     Vertical: 0.1%
Far Disparity: 8.2%    Near: 4.8%     Vertical: 0.0%
Art Smith and His Aeroplane on the Aviation Field
Pinhole shadowbox and sunglasses