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Stereophotographs recently highlighted by the community

Burro in Amalfi Italy
Euphonium Euphoria
More Social Distance
Is this a window violation?
Porte Saint-Mathurin
Papillon sur Orchis pyramidale(fr) - Butterfly on pyramidal orchid (en)
Petit Minou, Bretagne
Jessie's New Lens
Flambeaux Founder One
Fractal 2020-06-16
Pinhole shadowbox and sunglasses
The Boat
Violette De Grassse
No public events this year?
Robin - my garden friend
More Social Distance
More Social Distance
Convento de Cristo de Tomar, Portugal
Potentille avec insecte sage
Marcel Scherpenzeel Band @ Rory Gallagher International Tribute Holland
Hair Guitar
Far Disparity: 8.2%    Near: 4.4%     Vertical: 0.1%
Meet at Night
Pink & Purple
My New Ride
Perfume Still
Dragon One
Burning Man Dragon
Fractal World 2
Simon le Zélote et Thomas (sans tête)
Dollar Wall
Blossoms Galore
The Boxer
Gulf Coast Sunset
My friends in a party
My friends in a party
Amalfi Piazza
Versailles, Grand Trianon
... in the morning ...
Filling the Cup
Computer Repair
... long time ago ...
Galapagos Sea Lion
Potato Pair Paring
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