Images from the book 'Der Kampf im Westen, The War in the West' This 80 page book was published in Munich in 1940 as the second volume in a two volume combat book set. These 3-dimensional pictures books came with photographic stereo-viewer cards and a fold-up metal device with which the cards could be viewed. I've selected and coloured a selection from the set of 100. '100 cards featuring Waffen-SS, Police, Wehrmacht dog handlers, carrier pigeon troops, assault boat teams, heavy flak batteries, field guns, Panzer troops, anti-tank units, bridge builders and engineers etc' More images to come.

060 -  WW2 Junkers Ju 52 Red Cross plane
061 - Found description 'A wrecked French aeroplane at Le Bourget, near Paris, after the airfield had been bombed'
065 - German troups being served eggs
066 - Germans cooks - apparently painting eggs
068 - Mines being loaded on to a boat
069 - Found description 'WW2 German troops on the beach at Dunkirk'
072 - Dunkirk, France - Leughenaer Tower can be seen (built 1450) still standing
074 - French troops marching
075 - French soldiers
076 - German officer
077 - Found description 'German Field Marshal Walther von Brauchitsch looking up from a map'
081 - Battle scarred Flanders 1940
083 - barricaded street circa 1918
084 - Found description 'british evacuation at dunkirk'
087 - Belfry and Church of St Eloi, Dunkirk WW2
088 - Bombed street France or Belgium
089 - Found description 'British military equipment left behind in Dunkirk' (Morris truck on right)
090 - Unknown location - surrendered Belgian 'Adrian' Helmets, uniforms and weapons
091 - Meuse River Citadel And Cathedral after the 1914 Battle of Dinant
098 - Press conference June 22 1940 Armistice France
099 - Desk (no description found - possibly related to June 22 1940 Armistice France)