Found this obscure museum in Massachusetts and inquired about shooting these interesting subjects in stereo 3D. They thought there might be some commercial benefit, so brought me on as "artist in residence" in the summer of 2013. I set up a small table top area and borrowed a Nikon D3 (inverted 3D) from David Klutho. The curator would bring one pre-selected doll at a time (white gloves) for sequential shots. This was followed by an exhibit via 55" 3D Passive TV in a small room. Of course, keeping glasses clean and narrow vertial zone were issues, but overall successful showing.

Male Actor
Japanese Lady with Fan
Lace Front
Queen Mary
Kid with Orange Hair
Bald Baby
Big Hat Sly Eye
Black Man Bank
Mad Hatter
Wooden Man w Spear
White Fur Stole
Space Kid
No Mouth
Buster Brown and Tighe
Fish Head
Wax Duo Dolls
School Teacher w Cracked Face
Girl w Flower Shawl
Asian Man w Blue Shirt
Howdy Doody w Piano  Player
Maybe Uncle Sam 2013