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Wildlife and domestic animals

Wild owl
Kingfisher Chicks
Northern Saw Whet Owl Banding
Crane Flies
NZ Praying Mantis
Honey Bee
Lemur, Hamilton Zoo
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Horse parade
Macro fly
European greenfinch
Female tufted duck
Foraging ruffs
Wandern mit Eseln | Hiking with donkeys | Randonnée avec des ânes
Feeding baby sparrow
Galah - Cuddles
Mottled Ducks
Female eider duck struggling with the waves in a rough sea
Eurasian teal in the late afternoon sun
Mallards enjoying the winter sun
Seagulls balancing in the wind
Red Golden Pheasants
bloody seagull
Crocodiles on the Nile, Uganda
Common linnet (female) in the evening sun
Female mallard resting in the evening sun
Curious cows (Burgundy, France)
Best friend
Gentoo Penguin
Honey Bee
Feeding baby sparrow
Baby Morepork – NZ Native Owl.
Flamingos, Dallas Zoo
Moscow Zoo
Moscow Zoo
Vipera aspis
Neighborhood Visitor
Old Friends
Your flight has been delayed due to weather.
Moscow Zoo. Portrait.
Summer Solstice on the Beach 03
Singing swallow
Grey heron
Don't touch!
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