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Stereophotographs recently published by the community

New Taxis in Havana
Taxi in Havana, Cuba
Eddie Rockets, Dublin, Ireland
Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia
Duffin Dagels?  Reminds me of another chain somewhere else
New Year's Eve parade, Nassau, Bahamas
Kylemore Abbey
Walkway in Chinon fortress
Neouvielle peak
Pic et lac de Montmalus
Elephant Barrier
Hydrocar TK (1960)
V-1 Blender model
The old oak tree
Dry Waterfall
Cross Diver Statue. Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church. Tarpon Springs, FL - USA
Tarpon Springs, FL - USA
The Garden and the Relic
Tarpon Springs, FL - USA
Tarpon Springs, FL - USA
Peacok Crossing - FL
Restaurant in FL
Disney Springs - FL
Arizona Canyon, Colorado River, above Hualapai Indian Reservation
Isle of Man - Snaefell Mountain Railway Car
"Mountain" Canyon
Aunt Ju in the Sky
Frankie Blue Eyes
Juggling with fire
Ian pulling a streetcar through Douglas
Flying over Mars
Apricots bloom 2
Apricots bloom 1
Eye contact
une salutation printinière
Computer Repair
Bavarian King at Checkpoint
Norwich Phone Booths
Closeup Flower Shoot Rain Delay
Sony Bloggie 3D Camera In Garbage
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