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I fell in love with stereophotography in 2016.
Starting with cha-cha, I quickly evolved toward an hardware-hacked version of my cameras to get better synchronization.
I really like to shoot, so that I have far more potential stereo pairs than I can reasonably develop.

Photo equipment:
- Hardware-hacked pair of Lumix LX5
- Pair of Lumix LX15 (manual sync)
- Stereopi
- Occasional cha-cha with other cameras

Viewing equipment:
- Free-view
- P8-3D autostereoscipic phone
- Passive 3D TV
- Loreo viewer
- Cardboard
- Anaglyph glasses

Phereo: http://phereo.com/jackdesbwa

Location: France

Contact: jackdesbwa3d@desbwa.org