B: Unboxing Kandao Qoocam EGO - 3D


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B: Unboxing Kandao Qoocam EGO - 3D

by JosepBarbera 2022-06-12 20:26

Samsung S20 (Cha-Cha Method) + SPM

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JosepBarbera 2022-06-20 20:43

Unfortunately the Qoocam EGO - 3D camera is the only pocket 3D camera (with no phone screen required) currently available for sale.

It has many limitations in focus, white balance, etc. It has also obvious limitations in its 2 lenses and sensor (half an inch). Then the quality of the photos can be similar to those made by Sony's 3D Bloggie camera.

Red Hydrogen One is a more portable 3D camera, better at taking photos, and its lenticular viewer is very usable and impressive. Now the Hydrogen One is also much cheaper (only second-hand, of course).

Then the Qoocam EGO - 3D cam is probably just a toy (only for adults because of its price) but I think sometimes it can be very fun:

a) Its screen menu, after installing the latest firmware (V2.0.10 2022-06-14, www.kandaovr.com/download/), is very practical and functional.

b) Its viewer is less portable than the camera but the results are really excellent. Sadly it is not easy to view the stereo photos taken with other cameras. Hopefully, that will be solved in a future update of its firmware.


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