Work in Progress: 3D Sunrays?


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Work in Progress: 3D Sunrays?

by Paulomatic 2024-02-18 04:52

It turns out that drones are quite good at cha-chas. They keep the camera level and the same height very well, and are definitely doing the 100 yard dash faster than me these days. I've been shooting timelapse videos fairly often and noticed some beautiful sunrays in the hazy fall sky.
Could I shoot a cha-cha of clouds and rays fast enough?
Answer: About one time out of 20.
Clouds with rays tend to be fast moving and changing, so the rays change. Most of my shots have very different rays in the two images. This one is the best and it's good enough to keep me working at it.
This is very hyper! Probably 75 feet or more separation. It has a few issues.
DJI Air2s at about 200 feet.


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