4. Custom made Nimslo


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4. Custom made Nimslo

by Judy Fentress 2022-02-25 22:53

This has been my favorite camera ever. I wanted to photograph baby birds, so Paul Milligan made me this Nimslo with two focal points – 6 inches and 12 inches with attachable bars to get it exactly right. The ducklings were interested in the tips of the bars and would stand exactly where I wanted them. It also had two clip on lenses for 6 inches and 12 inches. My first and last 3D show used this camera to tell the tale of a mallard duckling that was hatched in my incubator, hand raised
and had her own ducklings as time went on. I got a standing ovation with my “Life of Baby Duck” show at the ISU Congress in Rolduc Netherlands.

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PaTh2018 2022-03-12 20:48

Very interesting. Thanks for showing.


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