Young Gannet


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Young Gannet

by Judy Fentress 2023-05-27 03:47

On it’s way to Tasmania it got blown off course and ended up in Otorohanga, then came to my native bird rescue.

At about 3 ½ months, the young gannets take off across the Tasman headed for the east coast of Australia. This arduous maiden flight probably takes from six to 15 days from Muriwai. For gannets born at Cape Kidnappers, east of Hastings, the journey is considerably longer. Most will travel up the east coast of the North Island before rounding North Cape to get to Australia, although a minority head through Cook Strait. These young travelers may rest on the water to regain their strength but are not thought to feed en route. Although there are breeding colonies of gannets on islands off the coast of south-eastern Australia, the young birds from New Zealand seem not to settle down there. After maturing for three to seven years, they return to breed for the first time in the colony they were born into in New Zealand. For the rest of their lives, they remain in New Zealand waters.

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Peter 2023-05-27 09:40

That's very interesting!
Thank you for your beautiful photos!
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