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All published stereophotographs of MikeBittner

Kittens Love Boxes
Fort Lauderdale Merman
Wood Stork Nest
Purple Swamphen
Mottled Ducks
Great Egret Tending Her Nest
Male Iguana - Wakodahatchee Wetlands
Friendly Dragon
Western Dragon
Water Dragon
Chinese Dragon
Arctic Dragon
Passiflora x belotii
Passiflora Kew Gardens
Passiflora Kew Gardens
White Peacock
Morning Glory
Great Blue Heron Hunting for Breakfast
Wood Stork Eggs are Hatching - March 2021
Wood Storks Nesting 2021
"Thrive on Las Olas"
"Thrive on Las Olas"
"Thrive on Las Olas"
Tree Trunk Mushrooms
Private Summer Garden 5
Private Summer Garden 4
Private Summer Garden 3
Private Summer Garden 2
Private Summer Garden 1
Green Heron Taking a Stroll
Marnelli Park, Port Everglades Florida
Knotty Live Oak
Peaceful Wetlands Trail
Gopher Tortoise (7/3/2020)
Frankie & Pepper - 8 Months
Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar
Frankie Blue Eyes
Passiflora Kew Gardens
Blue Footed Boobies
Galapagos Sea Lion
Weeping Angel
Passiflora "Fata Confetto"
The Council Oak
Razor-Backed Musk Turtle
White Milkweed
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