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Hey there, fellow 3D folks! I'm Melissa, and I'm a newbie to the world of stereoscopy. I have a background in digital 2D photography, but caught the 3D bug in 2021 thanks to a friend of mine. I'm working to get my pics edited and posted here, but it's just taking me some time to refine my workflow ;-)

I'm 44, I'm originally from Newark, Delaware, but I moved to the Bronx, NYC in 2007. Once here, I developed a passion for photography, and eventually went back to college and graduated with my Bachelor's of Art in Digital Photography in 2019.

I love photographing landscapes and architecture, and those are some of my favorite images to make in 3D, too. I have dreams of eventually turning some of my images into ViewMaster reels so I can easily share my 3D photos in a familiar, tactile way.

Aside from photography, I'm really into discovering new music, I love to travel (as time, funds, and pandemics allow), I'm a lover (and wearer) of tattoos, and my dream car is a 1997 Aston Martin DB7 Volante. *sigh*

Location: From Newark, Delaware, now living in Bronx, NY