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I've been enthralled with stereoscopy since discovering a box full of slides in an antique store on a rainy day. I couldn't afford a single slide, nevertheless an antique viewer. I learned to freeview (pre-internet) and made my own poor still life images with a cheap film camera, meticulous measurements, and patience as I waited for my film to come back from the lab. I received an antique viewer and a handful of slides one year on my birthday, and my collection has grown since.

My current gear is a pair of Olympus E-410 camera bodies with multiple zoom lenses tethered with an electronic shutter release, a pentax split mirror attachment which I use on my Canon 5D with 50mm plastic fantastic, and lastly a Fuji W3. I really haven't been able to produce any good anaglyphs, spending most of my time with parallel formats.

My most ambitious project and hopefully most enduring legacy is to document the life of my grandson and any future grandchildren in 3D. I would also like to have some artistically or commercially viable 3D photographic work, but I am still at a loss on what that would possibly look like. Check me out on Flickr for now and at Dankrecklow.com.

Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin U.S.A.