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I am a keen stereo photographer and camera collector, and started with stereo film cameras including the Stereo Realist and an Iloca.
My interest grew in the digital era, with early work using a Minolta Dimage X and Xt as cha-cha, then a pair of Minolta A200 cameras in custom-made landscape and portrait arrangements, but using good old-fashioned synchronised fingers (or remote trigger).

My camera of choice as a travel camera, because of the ease of use, is a Fujifilm Real 3D W3. The stereo cameras are now joined (May 2017) by a Sony Bloggie 3D - a curious stereo camera with reduced separation between the lenses, which nevertheless does produce 'conventional' image pairs with a sense of depth, and slips into the pocket even easier than the Fuji 3D W3. I am experimenting with various external close-up lenses for the Bloggie to take advantage of its design in close-up stereo work. Results with one large single 150mm or 200mm focal length close-up lens over both lenses are encouraging.

Depending on how much I wish to carry, I have a pair of Panasonic Lumix G1s with a pair of radio triggers to a common actuator, opening up the use of a wider range of micro 4/3 lenses, but am increasingly using a pair of Sony A6000 cameras with direct USB cable coupling which provides excellent synchronisation. For lighter work I use a pair of Canon SX220HS cameras with SDM software, and also a single Casio Exilim HS EX-ZR1300 in cha-cha mode whenever super macro or HDR is called for.

My preferred viewing mode is free-viewing by cross-view, but I have an NVP3 Stereoscope, a Pokescope, OWL viewer,a vintage military viewer for 2-inch square terrain images, and a Holmes viewer for parallel images, plus anaglyph glasses, and had (now faulty) a Gadmei E8 8 inch stereo 'glasses free' display tablet for my friends who somehow find it difficult to view the stereo cross-view arrangement. I have recently added a Looking Glass Portrait "holographic" display unit. and an EGO stereo camera.

More of my images can be found on Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/barrie_r/

Location: Egham, Surrey, UK