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I started Stereo when digital cameras came out and I realized you could do cross-eyed viewing. However, I had no clue about any communities nor any idea of what I was doing. Still don't know what I am doing, just going on feel. The NYSA has been a gold mine of info since I joined this year. I am all cha cha for now but am looking for a W3. I favor cross-view and parallel because I really like to keep the colors. Most of my stuff will not look good in anaglyph! I set up a Tumblr site a long time ago as it seemed well designed for photo blogging (https://jparcoeur.tumblr.com/). I will try to keep you all entertained by posting regularly and am really enjoying looking at what you all are doing!

Location: Plattsburgh New York

Contact: jparcoeur@outlook.com