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Hi, my name is Boris Starosta and I've been making stereoscopic images since about 1997. Oddly enough, like Brewster, I did not start with 3d photography, but instead with stereoscopic illustrations. (check some examples out in my Technobot gallery). After publishing my stereo illustrations on the WWW, I soon fell into correspondence with 3D photographers, and then my fate was sealed! My first stereo photos were made with a pair of disposable FUJI print cameras using the twin finger method of synchronization. I continued with twin 35 mm film SLRs, and shot lots of stereo slides in 135 format up until about 2006. I stopped shooting 35 mm film when I got my first DSLR twin rig going around about 2007, and have been using twin DSLR cameras ever since for "production" work, experimental work, or as a backup for when I shoot MF film. I picked up an interest in shooting medium format film around 2003, but didn't shoot a lot of that until the late aughts, after I'd stopped with the 35 mm film. I like shooting both digital and film. Digital is most suitable for doing experimental work, or work that requires a lot of post processing. Film is of course desirable for other reasons - tradition, simplicity, beauty, collectibility. I love all forms of stereoscopic imaging, and have dabbled on occasion in 3d video. To keep up with my current projects, you could subscribe to my blog at Patreon.com/retroformat. On youtube, I publish 3d videos as "retroformat3d." Early work can be found at starosta.com/3dshowcase.

Location: Central Virginia