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All published stereophotographs of Roger_Maddy

Everywhere You Go...
BOBOVR M2 With Headphones
He Wants You!
My Oculus Quest 2 With Earbuds
Watch Your Step
Tallest Stack Of Holy Bibles In The World
Setting Up A Zoom Meeting On My 3D Wristwatch
3D Wristwatch For Area 51 Aliens
From Inside A Padded Cell
I've Ended Up In Hell
Are You Ready To Start Shooting?
Looking For Intelligent Life
Traveling Around
Measuring Actual Distance In Virtual Reality
Handy-Dandy Boy Scout Percentage Ruler
We Got Snow!
SoCal Crissmuss Trees
Worship Thy Palm Trees
Too Hot For Bicycling
A Grim Situation
Family Cemetery
Recreating Reality
3D TV In Our Lincoln Log House
Rolling Blackouts
New 3D Things
Got Milk?
3D Photos On The Walls
My New Room
How Much Is Too Much?
Stereoview For The Biggest Drive-In Movie Screen In The USA
For Any Size Of Screen
O that horrid mouse!
Waaaaay More Width
Art Smith and His Aeroplane on the Aviation Field
As In A Looking Glass
I Sure Hope This Baby Can Swim
Some Are Born Great
Photographing New York City
A Trip Around The World Through The "Saturn"
Reformatting Old Stereoviews
Perfectly Round
COVID-19 Skull
An Unfortunate Mistake
Perfect Fit
Happy Easter 2020
Got Toilet Paper?
Made In China
Mask And Gloves
Closeup Flower Shoot Rain Delay
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