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I discovered Stereo photography in the late 1980’s after watching an episode of an Australian TV program called Beyond 2000 which featured an item on freeviewing stereoscopic photos - it showed how you can do it at home and sure enough before the end of the item I was seeing 3D. I had no awareness of stereoscopy until that time (I’d seen Viewmaster but hadn’t realised WHY it looked so cool). Initially I took stereo photos with a single camera (and often still do) then a pair of mis-matched SLR’s held together, before making a rig with 2 Olympus IS1000 SLR’s. I moved on to a proper (film) stereo camera - an RBT X3 around 2000 before going digital in 2007 with paired Canon TX1’s, these worked well but didn’t beat the ease of use of a Fujifilm W1, then W3, and since 2012 a Panasonic 3D1. OMG that camera's 10 years old now. I thought I was going to abandon 3D photography in favour of VR (I use a VR180 format camera) - but I've found there's just not so much art to snapping VR images. I've got 3D in my bones. See the website of the Stereoscopic Society of New Zealand for info on freeviewing if you're interested. https://www.newzealand3d.net

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