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Len Nadybal

44 photos, 15 albums

My interest has been 3D photo lenticular enlargements mounted and framed as art and small prints published as 3D postcards, bookmarks, and the like.

I began photographing using a Nimslo film camera and migrated to digital when the Fuji W1 appeared. I buy one of every 3D camera that appears to be useful (Bloggie, Sony Stereo binoculars, Hydrogen Red and LG stereo smartphones (both of which I like very much)) and a number of other twin lens USB devices.

I experiment with tablet computers with glasses-free displays and collect copies of every 3D application I can grab from these devices and the internet. My favorite MPO editor is the CyberLink Media Show and the 3D Composer. Stereophotomaker is great, results equally good as these others, too, but more technical, a little slower to work with than these other two for the purposes I need - simultaneous cropping, simultaneous color correction of both images in the pair while viewing in 3D, and alignment. What I miss is a program that makes it easy to correct small defects, without the result looking like it was done only to the foreground or the background.

What I need to learn about, and seek help on, is how to take still pairs in full HD size from videos produced by the Sony binoculars.

I view images on an LG passive 3D monitor and my LeTV 3D 55-inch smart TV. I bought 10 of them when the company stopped production last year and have 6 left. If anyone wants one, email me; brand new, factory sealed crates, not refurbished: US$750 ea. + freight (est. $200 by truck within the USA) - 2 crates - one with the stand.

Location: Washington DC, USA

Contact: lnadybal@exclave.info