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Barry Aldous

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I am a member of The Stereoscopic Society and other clubs that specialise in 3D photography and video. My main interests are time-lapse and macro photography and the production of AV shows.

I have several rigs including twinned still and moving image capture. My cameras include Panasonic GX-7s' Sony V1s' a Canon 5D Mk2, Fuji W3 and a Panasonic 3D-1. I also have a Sony, JVC and Panasonic camcorders.

My favourite editing software is Cyberlink PowerDirector along with Affinity Photo. Other apps that I regularly use include StPaint Plus for 2D to 3D conversion.

I do have a personal own website that covers my activities, including practical projects and articles - www.aldous.net. There is also a gallery with links to some of my AV shows, currently posted on YouTube.

I will be happy to communicate directly with anyone wishing to discuss 3D topics.

Location: England

Contact: barry@aldous.net