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I produced mostly Stereo 3d images in 2019. Virtually all my stereo photos are presented in Parallel view, because I have found it easier to teach this method of viewing to people who haven't done any stereo viewing before. I have also discovered that I find it MUCH harder to cross view on a large monitor. I believe my images are shown at their best between 400 to 500 pixels high when viewed from a standard distance from a monitor.

I had a couple of photos accepted by the Ohio International Stereo Exhibition, 2019. While there is some good work there, honestly the level of creative photography is 'meh'. I believe that if one frame of a stereo image is not a good photograph, then making it stereo doesn't redeem it. Too many stereographers are more concerned with the effect than the photographic quality. If the light isn't interesting, and the composition is static and if the subject has nothing original about it, why should I make the effort to cross my eyes (or make them diverge. . .) ? As a graduate of the New England School of Photography I hope to set the bar pretty high in terms of my creativity. I'd rather see poor technique in pursuit of an original idea than see perfect technique to make a standard or cliché image.

If you are curious, I've posted over 1500 images of many kinds on my deviantArt account: https://www.phostructor.deviantart.com/gallery. I'm moving to Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/phostructor1/ because dA has changed too much over the 14 years I've been there, and there is very little useful critique. I am very open to and desirous of substantive comments on my photography. I am always pleased to answer questions, and "everyone is entitled to my opinion. . ." I am happy to offer critique. Straight photography, infrared, macro, free lensing, TTV, pinhole, and stereo are just some of the things I've done. I have also invented a couple of techniques! For my stereo I use a Fuji W1, iPhone cha-cha and occasionally the Franken Camera: https://www.deviantart.com/phostructor/art/Franken-Camera-756398242. I have also used the Stereo Realist, the Holga Stereo and the Loreo lens for Canon. Film scanning is a lot of work, so I'm not shooting much of it these days.

If you are new to stereo let me recommend: On Instagram there is one particular very talented stereo photographer, https://www.instagram.com/thomas.asch_3d_passion/, and a fairly active group of stereo photographers at various levels who can be seen by searching #stereoscopic, #3D #stereophotography #parallelview, and so on. Some amazing work can be seen at Brian May's https://www.londonstereo.com/3-D-gallery1.html My Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/phostructor/

Lets raise the bar of what we want to see for stereo photography.

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Contact: Phostructor@yahoo.com