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I am an amateur Stereo Photography enthusiast. I started with taking film Cha Cha's and progressed to Realist, TDC Vivid, and Revere 35 mm as well as medium and larger format film cameras in my early days. I have experimented with several digital rigs as well as the Fuji W3. I am a fan of the stereo work of William Henry Jackson, who among other things was the first one to photograph much of what is now Yellowstone National Park. My ultimate goal is to someday become competent at Wet Plate stereo Photography. Many of my subjects are related to my other hobby/passion, steam engines. Both my wife and I are licensed steam engineers and volunteer with several types and sizes of steam locomotives and traction engines. I am a student of using vintage machine equipment to help make parts to restore vintage steam equipment. Any old mechanical technology grabs my interest.
I have worked for a school district for over 30 years, the first 15 as an 8th grade Science teacher and the last 17 or so as a manager in the tech department working with teachers to utilize technology in the classroom.

Location: Kansas, USA

Contact: realist65@embarqmail.com