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I'm a retired biology (mycology/lichenology) professor living in Bellingham, Washington state, USA. I've been doing stereo photography for almost 30 years after I saw a stereo slide show at some botanical meetings. All my work is CHA-CHA using, first, Canon slide film SLRs and, more recently, Sony alpha 6000 and alpha 7RIII mirror-less and a variety of iPhone cameras. I give occasional 3D slide shows to interested groups around the area.

The majority of my work involves macro photography of cryptogams (spore-producing plants and fungi, including lichens). Some hyperstereo landscape photos. I often photo stack macro shots, now using Affinity Photo for Mac to do this and color edit photos, and assemble and edit stereo pairs using StereoPhotoMaker running under Parallels on the Mac.

Location: Bellingham, WA, USA

Contact: fmrhoades@comcast.net