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I've been doing stereo since I moved to the Denver area in 2005. I like the extra detail that stereo brings to photography. I like the realism it brings to ordinary subjects, and with hyperstereo, I like the ability to show an object like clouds or mountains in a way that isn't normally possible.
My first rig was a couple of point-and-shoots that were mounted to a stick, and finger-synched. In 2006 I graduated to a pair Canon Rebel XT's, synched through the remote port. I've had a few other rigs - a pair of Garmin Virb Action cams, GoPro Dual Hero system (3+ Black) A Fuji W3. Still, about a third of my stereos are cha-cha's done with my smartphone. I'm currently looking to build a new rig for taking low-light and action shots, either with dual smartphones, an SDM rig, or another DSLR rig.

I'm "Kiefer3D" on everything:

Location: Denver, Colorado

Contact: brad@kiefer3d.com