Trees, flowers, and all sort of elemnts from the Nature

Tree from above
Rhododendron blossom - Rhododendron Blüte
Trilliums at Lake Alice
Mushroom Tree
Berries and leaves
Gold tree reflection
Creature of the forest
No. 100
Die alte Eiche / The old oak tree
Die Nadelöhr-Buche / The eye of a needle tree
Fungi on a dead oak
Birkenporling | Birch Bracket
Winter Jan 2021
Herbst am Seerosen-Schlatt
Grey Heron- Runnymede
The old oak tree
Apricots bloom 2
Apricots bloom 1
une salutation printinière
Black and White Forrest.
Champignon curieux
Rudbeckia - faded glory
Water Lily
Forest trail
Rocks in river
Le Champignon - Huelgoat
Bug's eye view
Shining river
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Gloriosa Daisy
Pale Jewel Weed
Through the Vines
Snowy Night
Hoary bat