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Stereophotographs recently published by the community

4-Thelymitra matthewsii
Thelymitra tholiformis
Thelymitra tholiformis on black
Thelymitra matthewsii seedlings
Thelymitra pulchella
Thelymitra nervosa
Lake Dumbell
The Pass below Belvedere Peak.
Head of the East, Sabine Valley
Water break in the East Sabine Valley
Old-fashioned carousel
The Dynamic Duo
Celtic field
Waipu to Langs beach walk
Garden on Waiheke Island – NZ
Hurt Kingfisher
‘Tattooed woman, native of New Zealand’ 1921
’In Nature’s bath-tub where hot water never fails’
‘Maoris at home, New Zealand’ 1921
‘Maori mothers, New Zealand’ 1921
'H.R.H. the Prince of Wales studying the geysers at Whakarewarewa, the wonderland of New Zealand' 1904*
‘In the sanitarium gardens at Rotorua, New Zealand’ 1910
‘The great geyser valley Wakarewarewa North Island, New Zealand’ 1930
The great geyser basin and lake Rotorua, New Zealand’ 1928
‘Under the spray of the pigeon geyser, New Zealand’ 1921
‘The Steaming Mountain, New Zealand’ 1921
‘The Waikato river as it flows from lake Taupo, New Zealand’ 1921
'Auckland from cathedral tower, looking east towards town hall, New Zealand’ 1910
‘The parliament house, Wellington, New Zealand’ 1919
‘City of Aukland (sic), New Zealand, from Kiosk tea house’ 1908
‘Looking across Auckland harbor towards Auckland from Northcote, New Zealand’ 1910
Library Selfie
Manpupuner in the fog
Bush walk yesterday
White Terrace, Rotomahana (near Rotorua - NZ). Destroyed in the Tarawera eruption of 1886
Rotokanapanapa, Rotomahana, N.Z., 1882, - area of Pink and White Terraces (destroyed in 1886 eruption)
Rotokanapanapa Hot Springs, circa 1880 - area of Pink and White Terraces (destroyed in 1886 eruption)
After the 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera (1886)
Cockpit 6
Cockpit 5
Cockpit 4
Cockpit 3
Cockpit 2
Inspecting airplane
Wairoa Geyser Whakarewarewa (Rotorua)
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