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Stereophotographs recently published by the community

Gopher Tortoise (7/3/2020)
Burro in Amalfi Italy
Violette De Grassse
Is this a window violation?
Gulf Coast Sunset
Amalfi Piazza
Perfume Still
Petit Canard
My friends in a party
My friends in a party
Cropped - Branch into the window - With text captions at window's depth
Pinhole shadowbox and sunglasses
Cropped - Branch into the window
Branch into the window
Proxima Centauri
My New Ride
Old stereo card with way too much disparity
Porte Saint-Mathurin
How Much Is Too Much?
Stereoview For The Biggest Drive-In Movie Screen In The USA
For Any Size Of Screen
O that horrid mouse!
Simon le Zélote et Thomas (sans tête)
Des Apôtres de Notre-Dame
Petit Minou, Bretagne
Dents du Midi et Mont Blanc
Waaaaay More Width
Art Smith and His Aeroplane on the Aviation Field
As In A Looking Glass
Fractal 2020-06-16
Fractal 2020-01-03
Fractal 2020-01-02
Fractal 2020-01-01
I Sure Hope This Baby Can Swim
Some Are Born Great
Photographing New York City
A Trip Around The World Through The "Saturn"
More Social Distance
More Social Distance
More Social Distance
Reformatting Old Stereoviews
Lightrail Trams at Nieuwegein Citycentre Jan. 16th 2020
President Wilsonpad
President Wilsonpad
Far Disparity: 8.2%    Near: 2.4%     Vertical: 0.2%
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