Palazo Ducale


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Palazo Ducale

by Gregor 2020-11-21 08:05

Venice, Italy

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Gregor 2020-11-30 21:05

Dankeschön, Paul

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Gregor 2020-11-30 21:04

Thank you very much, Barrie

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PaTh2018 2020-11-28 23:44

Von mir gibt es auch Likes und einen Kommentar!

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Barrie_Reynolds 2020-11-27 19:29

You can't really go wrong, with a gun like that and a 3D photo !! Well done Gregor

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Gregor 2020-11-22 06:22

Danke, Peter. sehr nett von dir.

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Peter 2020-11-21 22:14

Du bekommst von mir 3 Likes! Danke, Radomir!


Good composition: 2 Nice 3D effect: 3 Like: 5

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