not this way!


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not this way!

by Robert Marcus Klump 2019-09-15 17:34

yet another picture taken in Naxos city.

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JackDesBwa 2019-09-26 19:45

I have hard time to analyze what happens in this image.
For sure, the sign is in wide negative parallax, which bring it far out of the screen. People do not complain much when an object is cut by the bottom border, but in this case the disparity is probably a bit too much (very out of the screen).
For sure, the background is not cut the right way neither which creates a small window violation on the left and right.
But there is something else. I would say that the image was taken in cha-cha, but the displacement was not very parallel to the sensor so that there is a small variation in the y axis, likely in the z axis too, and possibly with the angle of the camera. In such case, more advanced image transformations are required to get very good alignment by correcting keystone as well; but the brain generally forgives the inaccuracy and it is not extreme here. In addition, you were probably pretty close to the sign for the base you used which emphases these small inaccuracies and, moreover, give a big difference in disparities between the foreground and background. This gap might be problematic for some people.
I have quite good observation skills and all this might probably not be noticed by most people. The image is viewable nonetheless, but not in the best conditions.


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