Between Thunderstorms, late afternoon drone cha-cha


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Between Thunderstorms, late afternoon drone cha-cha

by Paulomatic 2024-05-26 04:03

Continuing to experiment with catching sun rays in 3D. This pair has about a 10 meter separation.
DJI Air2s at about 50 meters above ground. I shot several other pairs, but I think this will be the best.

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Paulomatic 2024-05-26 15:51

Yes, so many problems on windy days or with quickly developing cumulus clouds. Still experimenting with movement direction and distance. Generally I try to minimize the foreground and hope for the best. I also do a lot of AE bracketing which slows the cha-cha. There have already been a few hilarious conversations with DJI technical support who cannot comprehend what we are doing.

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JackDesBwa 2024-05-26 14:36

Not easy to get a good cha-cha when wind is at the party.
Did you notice that in this photo the clouds and the ground have reversed depth? (because of the movement the firsts of course)


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