Frohe Ostern


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Frohe Ostern

by PaTh2018 2020-04-11 22:18

Frohe Ostern * Happy Easter * Joyeuses Pâques * Buona Pasqua * Feliz Pascua * Vrolijk Pasen

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PaTh2018 2020-04-22 20:38

For this picture a combination of two technics was used: HDR and ChaCha. The pictures are taken handheld with 1/100 sec, 1/30 sec and 0,1 sec. The last exposure time is much to long, so on the left image I moved the cam more than on the right image. The HDR-Progam mixed all this together and made the different looking images. Sorry for confusing you.
Greeting Paul

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Retroformat 2020-04-22 09:04

There is something wrong with the focus in the left-eye (L) image, but I cannot figure it out. On first inspection it looks like it is a shallow focus: the eggs are in focus, but the background bushes/branches are not. But upon closer inspection, some of the background branches are sharp (see the upper right side), while some of the foreground is blurry (see the leaves in the wreath and/or garland with the eggs). But the eggs themselves are sharp on both sides! No lens distortions or settings can explain this, nor any changes in the scene if this was a stereo pair taken with one lens (i.e. a cha-cha). It is a complete mystery! Can you suggest a possible explanantion?

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Peter 2020-04-12 08:00

Vielen Dank! Das wünsche ich dir auch!


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