Detail of the Girl with a Pearl Earring


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Detail of the Girl with a Pearl Earring

by JackDesBwa 2021-01-26 16:23

You probably recognized the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" from the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, painted about 1665.

It was scanned by Hirox Europe in March 2018, and the company now provides two versions of its work. One is a 10.1+ gigapixels 2D image in which you can zoom up to 4.4µm/pixel (35× magnification lens), the other is a set of zones with both higher 1.1µm/pixel resolution (140× magnification lens) and depth data. Unfortunately, as you may guess, the depth is presented in a monoscopic viewer with which we have to imagine the topography by moving the 3D mesh of the sample.

Curious to see what it would look like in stereo, I made two captures and assembled them. For this image, I also added some elements to give context. The stereoscopic view is fun, but I do not think it would be worth the efforts to convert other areas. In the other hand, the depth (I mean stereoscopic depth) is definitely missing in their viewer.

The part that I chose here is a detail of the "Pearl" which covers an area of 30.75mm × 28.13mm. We can appreciate how the artist managed to create the illusion of a pearl with some touches of translucent and opaque white paint, although it is unrealistically big and without a hook to hang from the hear. His work on light in general is amazing.

Original interactive experience (with a link to the gigapixel version) can be found at

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ron labbe 2021-02-08 15:47

The variety of your submissions is astounding!


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