Observatoire du Gros Banc


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Observatoire du Gros Banc

by JackDesBwa 2024-03-05 14:21

On the bottom left of the image is the "observatoire du Gros Banc", an ornithologic observatory that is 6m above the bay of Orne, where the eponym river meets the sea near Ouistreham, France. The construction allows to observe the animals taking advantage of this natural reserve.

The photo was taken with a drone in cha-cha just before sunset. Some animals moved between the two photos so that I had to repaint 3 areas by hand to remove the inconsistencies. There is also a pink area in the center which looks like a lens effect, but it is not visible in other photographs so that I guess it is due to the colored sky.

-- 2024-03-03, Mini 3 cha-cha


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