Curiosity arm and trace


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Curiosity arm and trace

by JackDesBwa 2019-11-01 15:07

Here is another stereoscopic photograph I rebuilt based on the pairs of images taken by the Curiosity rover currently on Mars planet. It has several cameras onboard including stereoscopic ones, and its photographs are automatically uploaded to a public repository when they manage to come back to Earth. The challenge is to find matching pairs and moreover that they have interesting content.
In this shot, we see the robotic arm of the rover together with a trace it let in the sand two (Earth) days before. Due to large hyperstereo base (42cm), there is high disparity in the image, specially on the near part of the arm. However, because the content is interesting nonetheless, I tried to minimize eye-strain with some masking and cropping.
The photographs were taken on SOL2558, which converted to Earth time is 2019-10-17 and are credited to NASA/JPL-Caltech without copyright. Raw images can be found on
-- 2019-10-17, Curiosity navigation cameras


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