Old and new telephones


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Old and new telephones

by JackDesBwa 2020-04-30 18:14

This photo was taken for April 2020 contest of 3dphoto.net forum "New and Old".

Date taken: 2020-04-26
Camera: Lumix LX15 (manual sync)
Alignment software: Hugin
Post processing notes: This is a composite of 3 images (per chip), two with the handset held at different places and one screenshot of the smartphone for readability in bright light. Hugin was used to align the stereo pair as well as the individual images for each side. Those aligned images were combined in the Gimp with masks and a stereoscopic window was drawn to reduce the strain created by the too large base I used (I was distracted by the technical difficulties and forgot the base, and the weather was too dirty afterwards to shoot another photo)
Additional notes: Getting convincing composite in 3D is far more difficult than doing it in 2D... and doing it a few days before the submission limit is a bad idea which results in a not-finely-crafted result.

-- 2020-04-26, LX15 manual sync


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