Sun in eUV


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Sun in eUV

by JackDesBwa 2021-05-28 09:55

This photograph was taken in sync by the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STeReO for short. It is a duo of satellites traveling around the sun in opposite directions (having thus a variable base over time) to observe and study solar activity, including in 3D. Unfortunately, the communication with STEREO-B was lost in 2014.

These views were taken on 2007-04-30 in extreme ultraviolet band and I (re)mounted them here. At this time, the probes were separated by around 12 millions miles / 20 millions kilometers (if I computed the distance well). Notice the radiations of the flow of particles going along the powerful magnetic field lines that rise above the surface. I suggest to use the zoom function of the viewer for a better view of them.

Several stereoscopic pictures and videos of the Sun are available in the gallery of the mission's website:

-- 2007-04-30, STeReO mission


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