Toy car in playground


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Toy car in playground

by JackDesBwa 2020-08-31 15:45

This photo was taken for August 2020 contest of forum "Car(s)".
Date taken: 2020-08-28
Camera: LX15 cha-cha
Alignment software: Hugin
Post processing notes: I used the focus stacking mode of the camera, but with such close subject the effective focal due to macro focus changes in the stack which introduces inaccuracies in the merge that is not visible on a 2D shot but horrible in 3D. Furthermore I forgot that I had a high ISO gain in the last shot and did not set it right in this one losing details that could have helped to merge. Nonetheless, I had no time to shot it again, so I manually removed some disparities by losing most of the depth (very) subtle details in the (now flat) background.
Additional notes: I found this toy car for the subject, but wanted it in a playground for an interesting composition. I walked there specifically for the 3D photo contest, but was surprised by a sudden and hard thunderstorm with big rain [not seeing my feet] before I was able to come back to home. Photography is a tough art.
-- 2020-08-28, LX15 cha-cha


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