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by JackDesBwa 2020-03-11 11:22

These light bulbs are from a project of HAUM hackerspace named laumios, which is basically a wifi-controlled lamp with several independent colors in it that can be used to create animations and all sort of effects.
Several of them were regrouped here at a programming contest event, where contestants had to make them interactive thanks to several sensors also present.
Unfortunately, photographing light is often hard and the lamp are less beautiful in the picture than in the reality. With the eyes, the dots inside the lamp are less visible, giving a more homogeneous bulb. Furthermore, the photograph varies from screen to screen, and the 3D is not very suitable for viewing systems with crosstalk because of inherent high contrast, nor for anaglyph because of color variety.
-- 2019-01-19, LX15 manual sync


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