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by JackDesBwa 2020-06-30 10:37

This photo was taken for June 2020 contest of forum "Sun".

Date taken: 2020-06-28
Camera: LX15 manual sync
Alignment software: Hugin
Post processing notes: After the photographs were aligned, I loaded them in Inkscape and drew a sun-like shape. I duplicated it over each photograph and deformed each drawing independently to get the 3D orientation. I used outlined shape with transparent color to clearly see the shape position and the image at the same time. When I was satisfied enough, I added a black rectangle over the images and used the shapes to cut holes in it and exported this mask. Then I imported this mask in TheGimp and added a border and a glowing based on this shape. The window is tilted quite a lot because of the left leaf which was closer than I thought.
Additional notes: One of the (old?) french names of this flower is "soleil" which literally means sun.

-- 2020-06-28, LX15 manual sync


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