In Jezero crater on Mars


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In Jezero crater on Mars

by JackDesBwa 2021-03-23 09:36

This image is a screenshot of a video panorama I made from raw material taken by the rover Perseverance on Mars. It replaces the former work-in-progress image that I published here. The whole panorama is available in two formats.
The first format is a classical 16:9 video where the landscape pans as if a stereoscopic camera was turned continuously:
The other format is a VR360-3D video, which gives an immersive view in VR headsets and some freedom to point the camera where we want on computer:

The rover Perseverance currently on planet Mars sends photographs of its cameras on a regular basis. They are automatically added to a public repository when they arrive. Of course, they are often of low interest for the wide public.

The robot has several stereoscopic cameras onboard. On SOL 11 of the mission (2021-03-02 on Earth), it took a bunch of photos in a circular pattern with its Mastcam-Z, a 2×1600×1200 stereoscopic color camera with a base of 24.2 centimeters equipped with zoom and focus. These are the images that I assembled to create the panoramic video.

The raw photographs can be found at and are credited to NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU.

-- 2021-03-02, Perseverance Mastcam-Z


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