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I discovered Stereophotography by chance while surfing the web looking for information on the invention of Photography. Caught the 3D bug and the rest is history. The sky is the limit and I keep learning new tricks. I prefer pictures of nature, flora, fauna but always ready to seize the moment. I found invaluable information and help (still do) on different forums.

Nikon SD5200
Dual rig Canon SD1300IS (IXUS105) with StereoDataMaker (SDM)

StereoPhotoMaker by Masuji SUTO : https://www.stereomaker.net/eng/stphmkr/index.html
Stereomasken by Bernd Paska: http://www.stereomasken.de/index_en.html


Cha Cha,
Slide Bar,
3DSteroidPro with tablet and mobile,

Viewing method:
Cross eyed,
RoKiT 3D IO Pro glasses-free
Screenscope handheld,
Anaglyph for sharing

Member of:
3D Photography Forum: http://www.3dphoto.net/forum/index.php
Photo-3D: https://photo-3d.groups.io/g/main
3D Tablets & Phones: https://groups.io/g/3DTablets/

See my previous photos on Phereo: https://phereo.com/557b82ba8884284070000002

And last but not least Thanks JackDesBwa for letting me use your platform to share/view with other 3D enthusiasts. FABULOUS job!


Location: United State of America