All published stereophotographs of Ken Kovar

Ornamental grass in autumn
Dwarf burning bushes in autumn
A walk in the woods in autumn
The Mississippi River in Autumn
Dollhouse decorated for Halloween 2nd floor
Dollhouse decorated for Halloween 1st floor
H. H. Bennett Work Desk
H. H. Bennett Studio
Grogu & his ViewMaster
View-Master Projectors
Happy New Year! - Maybe enjoy a 3D movie like these two characters
H. H. Bennett Studio Historic Store
H. H. Bennett Museum Stereoscopes
H. H. Bennett Studio & Museum Gallery
Red Planet Diner 6 of 6
Red Planet Diner 5 of 6
Red Planet Diner 4 of 6
Red Planet Diner 3 of 6
Red Planet Diner 2 of 6
Red Planet Diner 1 of 6
Three Amigos
Opening Up
Studio Control Console
2 Deep - After a 2011 Snowstorm in Illinois
Holmes Stereoscope
Hoar Frost in Illinois 2021
Toy Train at WDW