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Long ago in the sixties I discovered the power of stereo photography by playing with aerial images, which are just cha-cha's hypers (about 3 Km base). Then I tried to shoot the cha-cha's myself, and I could not stop shooting stereos until now.

Stereo alignment was a concern of mine from film times until present digital times:

I have built an NX1000 rig of variable base (I could not live without hypers):

For quick and dirty stereos I pick up my W3

However when I want the best possible quality I resource to a Fujifilm X-M1 in cha-cha, albeit with the limitations of cha-cha.

For viewing nothing like my 4K passive 3DTV. I send the images pre-interlaced using a Raspberry-Pi running Visor3DTV:

Location: Aranjuez, Spain