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All published stereophotographs of Carl Watson

Mount Tarawera by carpet
Side falls at Aniphenua
Train wheels
Rolls Royce
My dental Xray camera?
Model on Otarawairere beach rocks.
Sunbathing on a log.
Projected Moire pattern
White Island New Zealand
Mt. Tarawera New Zealand
Otarawairere bay Whakatane NZ
White Island
Surf and sea
Torch lit
Driftwood on the beach
Fujifilm W1 camera  taken apart
3D cameras
Vintage cameras
Bill Duggan and friends at the ISU conference, in UK.
Lily Latham
Trick cyclist
Breaking bulb
Racing car
Bristol boxkite replica
Bleriot, Old Warden '72
Diving friends
Bumper boats, Rainbow's end - Auckland NZ
Aerial power station site
1324 forms for hydro
1979 canal construction
1984 full falls flow
Aerial dam site
Aerial dam site.
2103 river, falls, and canal
Lily Latham & friend
7451 mud slide
7453 mud splash
7454 Mud pool
Carl on Yike bike
DSCF3459 Sandy's carvings
DSCF3638 WCO Xmas
DSCF3639 WCO Xmas
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