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Woman Fleeing with her Baby
Marion, December 4, 2021
Marion in the Library
Clarence on my bed.
Concrete Pump
Marion in the Library
The Dynamic Duo
Library Selfie
Fall Afternoon
Godfrey Protesting the "No Dogs" Sign
Gloomy Fall Day
November 1, 2021 Selfie
Hallowe'en White Pumpkin
Godfrey Watching over Clarence
Bob Fuller at Hillbilly Night
Clarence Sleeping on my Computer
Winter Wonderland
Sukkah Truck
Little Brown Bear
Dumbo Chatting with Bugsy
Uni Wearing a Scarf
Clarence Sleeping on Damaged Sofa
Van Horne Avenue Statue
Sandy at Supper
Water Bottle
Squirrel Drinking Water
Mr. Tux Watching Chucky.
The 129 Bus on Cote Sainte Catherine Road in Montreal
Terrence and Clarence at Rest
Sharon Peeping out from her Bag
The Valentine Sisters with Little Brown Bear
Uni on a Green Swing
"G" is for Garbage
Bicycle Taking a Nap
Uni Holding Cindy and Clara
Victoria Avenue Road Construction
124 Bus on Victoria
Hole in the Road
Uni Sitting on her Bicycle
Clarence Looking at Me.
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