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Balcony Construction as seen from my Bedroom Window
Winnie the Pooh Balancing on Two Walkers
Pierrot from the Commedia dell'Arte
Kirkland Brand Garbage
Clarence and Terrence 2023
Eddy Exercising
Gedaliah and Nathan
Clarence Sleeping in Front of his Plushie Friends
Gale Holding Up her Coffee
Eating Out
Eddy the Teddy is Swinging on a Cane
Eddy the Teddy emailing his relatives in England.
Snow on Tree Branches
Engelbert and Elmo meet Hugo Bear and Peter Panda.
Miniature Books Display
Engelbert and Elmo Sitting in the Park
Westbury Avenue in the Fall
The Sleeping Brothers
Engelbert reading to Elmo
Noodles with his Coffee
Sculpture of Reuben Brainin
Water Truck
Clarence is Pissed Off
Plushie Family Gathering Panorama
Engelbert Takes a Group Photo
Man Feeding a Squirrel
A Friendly Game of Cards
Bamboo Sitting on a Library Shelf
Hugo and Dougall on a Park Bench
Martha Greets Everyone
People Walking in Mackenzie King Park
Squirrel up in a Tree
Uni with her Book in the Library
Winter is Back
The Three Amigos
Have a Happy Passover!
Couch Football
Phyllis with a Panda on her Lap
Melting Snow in the Park
Owlette in Front of a Plant
A Panda Bear in the Library
If Dragons Bred like Cockroaches
Me in January 2011
Revisiting my past
Little Tigger and Little Lubi in Switzerland
Me and Randy
A Winter Evening
La Gauchetiere Street in Montreal.
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