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Bamboo Sitting on a Library Shelf
Hugo and Dougall on a Park Bench
Martha Greets Everyone
People Walking in Mackenzie King Park
Squirrel up in a Tree
Uni with her Book in the Library
Winter is Back
The Three Amigos
Have a Happy Passover!
Couch Football
Phyllis with a Panda on her Lap
Melting Snow in the Park
Owlette in Front of a Plant
A Panda Bear in the Library
If Dragons Bred like Cockroaches
Me in January 2011
Revisiting my past
Little Tigger and Little Lubi in Switzerland
Me and Randy
A Winter Evening
La Gauchetiere Street in Montreal.
January 4, 2022 Selfie
Winter in Snowy Montreal
Upstart Squirrel
LeeHarvey Oswald being Shot.
The Interior of Etinson's Delicatessen
Seder at Marilyn's
Clarence Lounging Around
Woman Fleeing with her Baby
Marion, December 4, 2021
Marion in the Library
Clarence on my bed.
Concrete Pump
Marion in the Library
The Dynamic Duo
Library Selfie
Fall Afternoon
Godfrey Protesting the "No Dogs" Sign
Gloomy Fall Day
November 1, 2021 Selfie
Hallowe'en White Pumpkin
Godfrey Watching over Clarence
Bob Fuller at Hillbilly Night
Clarence Sleeping on my Computer
Winter Wonderland
Sukkah Truck
Little Brown Bear
Dumbo Chatting with Bugsy
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